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Digipipe, our intelligent pipeline monitoring solution, optimises infrastructure for a more sustainable planet.

Bring pipelines into the intelligent, sustainable age

Pipelines supply the world by transporting some of our most valuable resources. 

As the world pivots away from fossil fuels towards net-zero, pipelines remain vital for new emerging technologies like carbon capture and hydrogen.

Klarian has the scientific and technical know-how to help operators understand their pipelines from upstream to midstream. We help you safely, efficiently, and profitably manage assets while complying with industry regulations and protecting the environment.

Unlock valuable insights

  • Collect
  • Analyse
  • Interpret
  • =
  • Model

Our end-to-end pipeline monitoring solution, Digipipe, transforms operations data into actionable intelligence. Digipipe collects data from various sources to build a clear picture of your operations so you can make precise predictions and decisions.

Our engineers work with your team to integrate the platform and tune the monitoring and reporting to align with your needs and goals.

What if pipelines could talk?

Klarian’s secure cloud platform and retrofittable flow sensors integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. We provide you with a real-time live feed of critical operational data, which fuels the insights we deliver on our user-friendly and configurable dashboards.

A colourful evolution

As you can see, our website has a new look. Dashboard Limited rebranded to Klarian in September 2022. Our blog will tell you more.

Intelligent pipeline solutions demand smart partnerships

National Engineering Laboratory
National Physical Laboratory

We’re proud to partner with some of the smartest minds and best-known brands in industry. Our partners play a huge role in helping us bring pipeline monitoring into the modern age.

Intelligence for a new era

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