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Digipipe, our data solution for the pipeline industry, optimises pipeline infrastructure for a more sustainable planet.

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Transform pipeline efficiency

Pipelines play a vital role in supplying the world’s essential resources. Klarian is committed to optimising their performance, ensuring unwavering reliability, and contributing to a more sustainable and prosperous future. Our end-to-end Digipipe service uncovers data insights to empower pipeline operators to enhance productivity, efficiency, and profitability while reducing energy consumption. With us, you’ll achieve your operational objectives while actively shaping a greener world through more efficient pipelines.

Unlock valuable insights

A screenshot of DigipipeVision's frontend, showing the map view.
A screenshot of DigipipeVision's front end with multiple graphs, including pump efficiency curve and HvQ.
A screenshot of DigipipeVision's front end showing comprehensive risk management.

In the data-rich pipeline industry, being able to access timely and relevant data is crucial for efficient operations. Often, valuable data gets trapped in disparate systems. DigipipeVision, our real-time analytics platform with integrated artificial intelligence, tackles your data management challenges. It seamlessly captures, integrates, and analyses data from various sources, building a clear picture of your operations.

Eliminate data siloes

Depending on your data requirements, we can enhance DigipipeVision with DigipipeNexus, our intelligent data hub that collects, processes, and analyses data at the edge. It enables real-time access to critical data for faster and smarter decision making. By bridging the gap between operational and historical data, DigipipeNexus transforms your previously fragmented data sets into a unified, comprehensive view of your operations.

Working with operators to make pipelines leaner, greener, and more profitable

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What sets us apart is our commitment to tailoring our service and technologies to meet your specific needs. We recognise that every pipeline scenario is unique, so we collaborate closely with you to tailor Digipipe to align perfectly with your objectives.

Intelligence for a new era

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