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Precise pipeline asset optimisation

We are committed to helping you exploit the full potential of your data. Klarian’s tailored data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities will optimise your operations, improve efficiencies and help you comply with your regulatory and environmental goals.

Optimising assets has never been more crucial. The global effort towards lowering emissions and tightening industry regulations is increasing the need for improved operational efficiency. 

Klarian has developed Digipipe to give you oversight of your pipeline operations, helping you optimise their efficiency. We can develop proprietary algorithmsto reveal meaningful data slices, hidden insights and actionable intelligence to give you the information you need to manage assets safely, efficiently and profitably.

Rather than provide off-the-shelf solutions and try to retrofit them to your requirements, we work in an agile way to build our solutions based on our customers’ specific needs. We will work with you to identify your challenges and develop data-driven solutions to improve your operational efficiency, lower your emissions and maximise your return on investment. 

Klarian’s Solutions

Pipeline operators often lack a detailed understanding of the costs needed to operate individual compressors or pump stations. Similarly, companies can lack visibility of how power consumption is distributed across the system to pump one product to a particular location. Without this data, operators are missing out on opportunities to optimise their networks.

If you have clarity on the overall use of power across a system, you can map it against the volume of product flowing through at different times. Having this data to hand can help you optimise your power input to product delivered ratio to save you energy. If you take this one step further, you can calculate the electricity costs and identify how much it costs to run the system over time – a powerful tool for cost management.

Other efficiency gains possible include: 

  • Monitoring individual pumps and compressors against their efficiency curves highlights opportunities to operate equipment more efficiently in real-time.
  • Monitoring the ratio of power input to pump contribution allows you to identify slow deteriorations in efficiency to inform maintenance decisions.

Digipipe monitors all of these parameters and more. We collect your data and transform it into insight; this could be identifying deterioration in individual pumps, balancing your power usage across the system for optimum efficiency or identifying other error patterns compared to previous operation.

Klarian can help you get the most out of your pumps and compressors by ingesting the data you already have available from flowmeters, pressure sensors, other instrumentation and the pumps themselves. Where appropriate, Klarian’s own sensors and edge computers may be deployed at suitable points.

Orifice Plate meters are one of the most popular technologies used for fiscal metering. They provide reliable high quality measurements with high certainty over extended periods.

As with all measurement systems, orifice plates need occasional recalibration. The whole process is quite laborious, requiring the removal of the plate entirely and its transportation to an approved facility for recalibration, before being returned and fitted it back into the system. There are multiple risks when returning the orifice plate to service, so it’s important to monitor the operation of the meter for its performance as well as how it is operating within the local system once recalibrated.

Klarian offers a service whereby we can take historical data from an orifice plate and build a profile of how it operates successfully. We can then use this as a reference for when the plate is changed. By comparing the plate’s performance before and after calibration, we can provide quality assurance. With a glance at the alert on your Digipipe dashboard, you can identify situations where a plate may have been re-installed reversed, not fully wound or some other error pattern compared to its optimal performance pre-calibration.

Digipipe gives you confidence that your orifice plate is providing reliable measurements.

Behind any pipeline is a network of machines whirring away to keep the pipeline system operating. Motors, bearings, pumps, and compressors all enable your operations to run smoothly. If a piece of equipment is performing poorly, it is helpful if you can pinpoint exactly where the fault is.

An early indicator of deteriorating machine health is vibration. If the vibration pattern for machinery changes, it’s a warning sign that all is not well. If you map vibration patterns associated with known good conditions, you can build a model of normal operating modes. The model will allow you to identify abnormal vibration patterns, alerting you to a potential issue with your machinery as soon as it develops.

Klarian’s advanced analytics builds such models quickly, providing you with condition monitoring solutions for motors, bearings, pumps, and compressors. We can also develop models using vibration patterns for known problem operating modes to help you identify the exact fault. Our models work particularly well for rotating machinery like pumps; we can also use them to monitor pipeline sections for loose mountings or unwanted mechanical disturbance nearby that may damage the pipe. 

You can extend Digipipe’s condition monitoring capabilities with our hardware. Klarian’s control box edge computer can integrate data from vibration sensors and match them to existing vibration signatures for equipment. We can provide vibration sensors to monitor for selected vibration spectra.  

Whether you’re looking for a software-only or an integrated end-to-end solution, Digipipe will help provide early warnings of potential faults by monitoring vibration and extend the time maintenance time periods.