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Case studies

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BPA | pump optimisation and efficiency monitoring

British Pipeline Agency (BPA) logo in grey text on a white background.

Since the start of 2023, we’ve been working with one of the UK’s foremost and most innovative onshore pipeline operators, British Pipeline Agency (BPA). We began by investigating the pumping operations of a single-product jet fuel line supplying a major airport. Following the success of this initial venture, BPA greenlit Digipipe’s expansion into their wider UK pipeline network.


The challenge

To improve the efficiency of BPA’s pumping operations to maximise throughput and reduce energy usage.


Our solution

Our approach commenced with a thorough assessment of BPA’s existing performance and assets using our big data analytics capabilities. This encompassed a comprehensive analysis of efficiency and pressure versus flow curves, system curves, energy costs, and identification of new peak efficiency points. Using ‘virtual’ instrumentation and bespoke models, we generated in-depth analysis for every pump. Our findings uncovered many opportunities for BPA to boost their operational efficiency which we are actively working on.


The result

In the first instance, by mapping the pipeline network into DigipipeVision, we automated the identification of pump routes and their associated system curves. This granular per-pump, per-route analysis opened doors to precision scheduling, leading to reduced energy usage and operational expenses (OPEX). Moreover, our data-driven insights enabled BPA to select prime pumps for refurbishment.



Here’s what John Armstrong, BPA’s CEO, has to say about our collaboration:

Working with Klarian on one of our jet fuel pipelines has revealed a number of areas where we can make significant efficiency gains and increases in throughput. We’re looking forward to seeing what they reveal as we expand their offering across our network.”


What’s next?

As our collaboration continues, we’re expanding Digipipe across BPA’s wider network to help guide their ongoing infrastructure investments and support their efforts to uphold uninterrupted operations.

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