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An intelligent data analytics service for greener, leaner, and more profitable pipeline operations.

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Pipelines fuel our world. As demand grows and infrastructure ages, the need for sustainable and efficient pipeline operations increases. Klarian has developed Digipipe, our end-to-end data analytics service, to collect pipeline data and transform it into actionable intelligence.

Digipipe helps you manage your pipeline operations safely, efficiently, and cleanly.

From pipe to screen

Cast iron performance monitoring and operational oversight.

We understand every scenario is different. Our technologies are all modular and designed to operate standalone or in combination with each other based on the situation. Depending on available data, we can implement Digipipe as a standalone secure software solution or enhance its capabilities by integrating our hardware.

Our expertise is wide-ranging, resulting in a fully end-to-end system:

A secure, standalone software platform with integrated analytics that collects, centralises, and humanises data to streamline decision making. Learn more.

Advanced algorithm design, mathematical modelling, and data enhancement for optimised operations. Learn more.

An IIoT intelligent hub that collects and processes data to identify issues in real-time. Tailorable configuration and multiple connectivity options. Learn more.

Plug your existing systems, sensors, and other data sources into DigipipeVision or DigipipeNexus for amplified insights.

Digipipe does not replace your existing technologies and systems, or simply add yet another platform for you to monitor. Digipipe integrates and enhances your existing operations, helping you eliminate data siloes and simplify operations management by providing a single point of truth.

You can read more about the benefits of Digipipe here.

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