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Advanced Analytics

Illuminating your operations with tailored data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Advanced analytics is a core part of Digipipe. It’s what enables Digipipe to transform the data it collects into actionable intelligence so you can make your operations safer, greener, and more efficient.  

The Data Challenge

The pipeline industry is heavily data saturated. The wealth and variety of systems and sensors generate so much data processing that operators can struggle with data management.

Harnessing the full power of data is tough. Data requires cleaning, analysing and contextualising to identify key insights. After this, there is the added pressure of sharing the data with the right people at the right time. Given the cleaning and contextualising of data alone can account for 70% of an analyst’s time, there is often insufficient remaining capacity to extract all valuable data and prevent it from languishing, unused, in archives.

Pipeline operators deserve all the insights and efficiency gains their data holds; this is where Digipipe’s advanced analytics capabilities come into their own.

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