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Our Field Equipment

Digipipe's field equipment unit consists of a sensor suite managed by an intelligent edge-controller

Black and white field with Klarian colourful flow in the background

Digipipe can be deployed as a standalone software platform or combined with our field equipment to fill gaps in your data.

The system communicates with our software platform enabling us to configure, manage, and monitor it remotely.  The communication is enabled by the most appropriate means dependent on location, such as cellular, wifi, or satellite communications.

The Sensor Suite

Our proprietary flow sensor system offers a suite of configurable sensors that measure flow using ultrasonics, temperature, and pressure. It is part of our end-to-end Digipipe solution to provide performance clarity on pipeline performance.

We believe that more data means better decisions, so while our software platform collects and analyses your existing data, you can use our system to generate even more intelligence.

Like all of Digipipe, it is retrofittable and non-invasive, so you do not have to shut your pipeline down to install it.

Sensor Options

Flow profile

  • Current flow
  • Historical volume
  • Value
  • Energy

Temperature profile

  • Temperature
  • Historic temperature

Pressure profile

  • Pressure
  • Historic pressure

Leak Detection

Our sensors measure flow and, as a result, calculate volume. The system then analyses any changes in the volume and uses volume balancing to detect leaks.

Once a potential leak is identified, you are immediately notified.

The Edge Controller

The edge controller is an intelligent hub that sits between sensor systems and software platforms. It manages and monitors data collection and remote communications for sensors and any other communication. Depending on your requirements, the edge can also provide local intelligent decision-making. It analyses data and diagnose problems locally, identifying patterns or disparities before sending them to the software platform to identify. It's the brain that makes your decision-making simple.

Advantages of our Field Equipment

  • Retrofittable and non-invasive
  • Flexible deployment system
  • No downtime is required for installation
  • High accuracy flow measurements
  • Modular sensor loadout
  • Sensors can be daisy-chained

Installing our prototype field equipment on the Manchester Jet Line for a field trial in partnership with Penspen. Read more about this on our blog.